The State Meet is much different from the other meets. At the State Meet, the parents will have to pick up the athlete's bib number and will have to ensure the athlete is in the heating tent on time. Unfortunately, coaches are NOT allowed to enter the infield area or the heating area. So the parent will need to get their athlete ready for his or her event. The packet pickup, warm-up areas and heating tent can be seen on the map. Click the link below for a map of McAllen Memorial Stadium. 

First of all...unless your child runs on a relay, THE STATE MEET IS NOT MANDATORY. In order to qualify for the State Meet, the athletes must attend the Regional Meet and finish in the top 5 in their particular event. If your athlete qualifies for the State Meet AND you plan to attend, make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare! It would be a shame to come all the way to McAllen and then your child ends up missing their event. Yes, it has happened before! Please refer to the STATE MEET EVENT SCHEDULE for event dates & times.


When you arrive at the meet, you will need to find the Packet Pick-Up table outside the entrance to the stadium. The participant packets (race numbers) will be available for pick up from 9:00 AM – 6:00 pm on Thursday, July 27, 2017. Packets may also be picked up on Friday and Saturday beginning at 7:00 AM and throughout the duration of the meet. If possible, pick up your packet as soon as you arrive in McAllen. For example, if you don't compete until Saturday and you arrive in McAllen on Friday, then go ahead and pick up your packet on Friday. The lines at the packet pick-up table can get really long and time consuming...especially in the morning.  Tables will be set up outside the entrance to the stadium. It is important that you (or your child) keep up with their race numbers. If you lose the race number, there will be a charge of $5.00 to replace it. Your child will need a bib to enter the track stadium. Also, the traffic can get pretty crazy around the stadium (especially in the mornings) so please take that into account when estimating your arrival time. PLAY IT SAFE...SHOW UP EARLY!!! 

There will be 2 warm-up fields available for participants to get ready. The four field baseball complex at Municipal Park directly south of the stadium is available to serve as a warm-up area through the duration of the meet. Tamarack Avenue will be closed to traffic so athletes can cross the street freely at any time. A secondary warm-up track is available at the intersection of 23rd Street and La Vista which is located diagonally (NW) from Veterans Memorial Stadium. That track would be ideal for relays to practice their hand-offs. CLICK ON THE STATE MEET INFO PACKET button below for more information regarding packet pick up and warm-up areas for the athletes.

WHAT DO THE ATHLETES DO WHEN THEIR EVENT IS CALLED? is your responsibility to get your athlete to the check in tent (heating tent) on timeAll athletes must enter through the gate located by the check-in tent. Participants will be escorted onto the field when an announcement is made calling them to either the heating tent area or field event area. No participant will be allowed onto the field without a bib number. Field event participants are asked to report to the check-in tent and will then be released to report directly to the field event site when first call has been made.  


If your child is running in an event that has a PRELIM (50, 100, 200, 400 80/100/110 hurdles, 300 hurdles, 4x100 relay), be sure to check the results before you leave the meet for the day. For the running events just mentioned, the top 8 in each age division will advance to the finals on Sunday.  All field events and long distance races taking place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are FINALS ONLY.If you make it to finals on Sunday, be sure to show up EARLY on Sunday! The events on Sunday go extremely fast because there is only one race for each age group and distance (FINALS ONLY on Sunday). Events on Sunday go MUCH FASTER than the other 3 days, so keep that in mind when you determine your arrival time on Sunday.



​No, you don't NEED to find a Watauga Track coach but we would like to see you either before or after you compete. If you are running a relay, the baton and marks were given to one of the parents of the relay participants. So that parent will have the necessary equipment at the state meet. Coach Glenn and/or Coach Aminata will be at the meet so keep an eye out for one of them. Regardless of whether you find a coach or not, be sure to keep an eye on the meet schedule and make sure your athlete gets to his or her event on time! 

Contact Coach Glenn at if you have any questions prior to the State Meet.